Art-Massage Courses for everyone across the World.

Ayurveda Massages

Magic India

India's Secret

Discover the Mother of all Medicines
Come and discover Ayurveda thanks to 5 training courses:
Indian Cranial, Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Balinese and Kansu Bowl.
Online Training courses
We love it!
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Classics Massages

Californian, Lomi-Lomi, Hot Stone...

Classic but indispensable!

Massage therapy training:
Californian, Lomi-Lomi, Face, Amma Chair, Hot Stone massages…
The 8 hours training courses are open to everyone!
We love it!
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Foot Reflexology

4 Complementary training courses

Efficient and magical, it's the Foot!

4 Themes!
Reflexology Anti-Stress
Reflexology Special Detox
Reflexology Immune Boost
Metamorphic Massage
Discover the different protocols to relieve, cleanse or activate your body! Massage and Self-Massage!
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E-learning Platform

All the benefits of massage therapy, at your home!

Take your seats! The course begins!

Brand new!
Watch our training videos!
14 training courses on our online platform for easy learning. Access all your training courses in 1 click, forever!
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YogaYam Clothing

Quality and comfort!

Leggings - T-shirts - Camisoles...

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Clothes for your active life!
Ideal for massage therapy
Perfect for your Yoga or Gym…
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Monthly Insight: Video Courses

Lomi-Lomi Massage and Hot Stone Massage


$92,5All-inclusive (instead of $1129)
  • Course Certificate, Video of the Practice (1h10), Video of Massage Theory (20min), Massage Practice Sheets / Theory Document
  • Discover new massages in the warmth of your own home!
  • Easy and complete training


$92,5All-inclusive instead of $129
  • Course Certificate, Video of the Practice (1h25), Video of Massage Theory (22min), Massage Practice Sheets / Theory Document
  • 8 hours of training

Wow Great Online Course Lots of professionalism as always. Good explanations and demonstration, I can’t see anything wrong with it. For my part, it’s really very good.
Well done to the cameraman too, the shots are good. to see the hands.
The model seems to relax, maybe even sleep, after a good massage like that…
Thank you Thank you Thank you

Françoise L

Thank you for this training, which you can’t find anywhere else in Quebec.

Chantale B

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Balinese Massage Training

December 6th, 2019|0 Comments

BALINESE MASSAGE Originally from Bali Balinese massage combines maneuvers from Ayurvedic, Chinese and Thai massage. It releases tension and soothes body and mind. A unique moment of deep relaxation. Discover the secrets [...]

Abhyanga Massage Training

October 10th, 2019|0 Comments

ABHYANGA MASSAGE TRAINING This is Ayurvedic body massage. Originating in India, this massage, often performed with warm oil, takes the senses on a journey and rebalances the body and its functions. The [...]


Massage therapy is Meditation. It’s also about Sharing. Art-Massage brings together meditation, yoga, relaxation, massage therapy and personal development.

Art-Massage: a return to oneself…

After many years in France, then in Canada and Quebec, we decided to open up to the whole world. Massage is universal. It’s been around for as long as human beings have existed. Art-Massage becomes an Online Massage Academy in French and English (with Spanish on the way…). You can find all our massage training courses in the form of videos, PDF documents and simple diagrams. Under the guidance of France and Shanti. Come and share with us the joy of giving. The joy of massage.

Art-Massage is just that: “Massage is one of the most subtle arts there is. It’s not so much a question of technique as of Love…”. Going beyond Technique (which is essential and indispensable)! This is what Art-Massage has to offer. Massage is a gift, a meditation.

To enable each student to discover which massage therapist is hiding in his or her hands…
Art-Massage has nearly 20 years’ experience in training massage therapists.
Art-Massage has adopted the words of Osho (spiritual master),
“Massage is one of the most subtle arts there is. It is not so much a question of technique as a question of Love… “
Art-Massage Teachers all share a passion for massage therapy. For them, it’s simply a way of life. Sharing, Passing on, Skills are the watchwords at Art-Massage

Art-Massage Videos




Art-Massage: a unique place for your well-being…

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    Art-Massage, a Massage Therapy School that reflects your image

    Formations receive a maximum of

    16 students. This enables teachers to listen to every student. At Art-Massage,

    You’re the important one!Special attention is given to each and every one of our students. Massage therapy is a never-ending journey. And as France (Art-Massage Director) likes to say: a Massage Therapist is a student for life. We are all Students….

    Art-Massage: Une École Différente, juste pour vous! Alors changez votre vie, rejoignez nous. Que cela soit pour une formation de 6 mois ou pour une Méditation, Art-Massage deviendra votre second foyer!