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Abhyanga Massage Training

Saturday, April 11, 2020 in Quebec City

Originating in India, this massage, often performed with warm oil, takes the senses on a journey and rebalances the body and its functions. The oils used are specific to the customer’s doshas. For many years now, the Abhyanga Massage has been one of those “world massages” successfully offered by institutes and spas, sometimes under the name of “Ayurvedic massage”.

Its virtues are numerous: it boosts the immune system, improves breathing and circulation, loosens joints and strengthens muscle tone… All these properties should not obscure the essential: this massage, often performed using edible products – such as warm sesame oil, mustard oil to boost tone, ghee (clarified butter) on feet or herbal pouches – is also an invitation to a journey of the senses. Quite simply, a truly relaxing treatment.

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