Shirodhara Massage


Shirodhara Massage Video Course

Included in Training courses:

  • Course Certificate (8 hours)
  • Shirodhara Massage Theory Video
  • Practice Video Shirodhara Massage (25 min)
  • Detailed technical data sheets on Shirodhara massage techniques
  • Training recognized by certain massage therapy associations
  • Warm and friendly atmosphere
  • Easy training

For more information, follow this link: https://art-massage.ca/formations-en-video/

Videos can be played on computers (Mac and PC) as well as on phones and tablets (Apple iOs and Android).
Document formats provided: .pdf


Shirodhara Massage Video Course

A companion to Abhyanga, the Shirodhara Massage is the Ayurvedic Head Massage! This massage, often performed with warm oil, allows you to let go and relax to the utmost. The Shirodhara Massage is a 2-part massage. It begins with a Full face massage (jaws, cheeks, eye contours, forehead, temples…) using a combination of all-encompassing movements and light, simple or circular pressure. a treatment in which the water is poured continuously and slowly a drizzle of warm sesame and/or herbal oil or medicated milk on the client’s forehead (3rd Eye, opening the client’s Consciousness).

This video training is broken down as follows:

  • Step: 1 = Watch the Video entitled: Shirodhara Video Theory
  • Step: 2 = Practice by watching the Video entitled: Shirodhara Video Practice
  • Step: 3 = Look at the Massage Practice Sheets entitled: Shirodhara Practice Sheets
  • Step: 4 = Practice your Massage at least 3 more times and your Training will be complete!
  • Step: 5 = Treat your loved ones and customers!

Training materials:

-Pen and Notes
-Comfortable massage clothing
-Anti-bacterial gel
-Smiles and good moods
-1 Massage table with sheets
-1 Shirodhara bowl (with stem)
-1 Volunteer :-)
-1 Cushion (medium to small)
-1 Sesame Oil (preferable) or Massage Oil
-Essential oil if no allergy

Additional information

Durée Formation

Extended Training 100h, Regular Training 8h

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