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Not only do we teach, we also offer massages! In the warm, relaxing setting of your home or at our Sainte-Adèle location, we offer you a wide choice of treatments for Body and Mind. Don’t wait any longer and book your Well-being!

It’s time to reconnect with yourself, with the Universe


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Shamanic Care

Back to Source

Native American tradition

Practiced for thousands of years, Shamanic Healing does two main things. The practitioner first removes the non-beneficial energies in the body and then brings back the Power, the Essence of the person. It goes without saying that each treatment is different and tailored to the consultant’s current needs. You may also receive a Power Animal that can bring support and harmony to your life.

Indian Cranial Massage

The Secret of Ayurveda


Practiced in India for thousands of years, Indian Cranial Massage is an Art. Comforting, relaxing and therapeutic, it reduces stress, muscular tension and fatigue, stimulates cranial blood circulation, nourishes capillary roots, improves texture and stimulates hair growth. It improves sleep, boosts concentration and productivity, relieves emotional stress, clears the head and calms the mind. Massage with Sesame or Coconut oil.

Abhyanga Massage

Body Massage


Abhyanga massage: full-body massage with ayurvedic oils adapted to your constitution. This is a typical body massage in the Ayurvedic tradition. Its benefits are numerous: it provides well-being and serenity, relieves tension and fatigue, enhances vitality through drainage, eliminates toxins, tones muscles and softens joints, and softens the skin. With its long, gliding strokes, this massage is a delightful travel experience! We use Sesame Oil.

Shirodhara Massage

The Jewel of Ayurveda


Shirodhara harmonizes the 3rd eye chakra. A massage technique highly prized in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s a very subtle practice, excellent for mental peace. It relaxes the entire nervous system and releases tension. This term is formed by two Sanskrit words, “shiro” or “head” and “dhara” or “flow”. It consists mainly of a massage of the skull, followed by a steady drip of oil over the 3rd eye and skull, down to the tips of the hair.

Balinese Massage

Massage of the Isle of the Gods


Native to Bali, this is the Massage of the Island of the Gods. The magic of this island is found in its unique massage. Balinese massage blends manoeuvres derived from Ayurvedic Chinese and Thai modelling. It releases tension and soothes body and mind. A unique moment of deep relaxation. It’s a complete massage, both gentle and invigorating, relaxing and energizing. It stimulates the different elements of our body: Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Ether. This massage is performed with sesame oil.

Swedish massage

Deep and Therapeutic

The France's Special!

Deeply therapeutic, Swedish Massage combines firmness and gentleness, according to your needs. Its aim is to relax the muscles and increase range of motion. This technique uses effleurage, smoothing, kneading, friction and percussion in targeted areas. It’s the perfect antidote for all those little everyday aches and pains. A Classic Massage Therapy. Ideal for balancing Body and Mind. A date?

Californian Massage

Absolute Anti-Stress


Californian massage is a holistic approach that aims both to relax and to awaken mind-body awareness. This massage uses long, slow, flowing movements to achieve deep physical and mental relaxation. This is the anti-stress massage par excellence. Comforting, it allows us to let go of our minds and connect with our deepest selves. Less deep than the Swedish, this is a massage performed with oil. Quite a gift.

Lomi-Lomi Massage

Powerful and fluid. Hawaiian.


Lomi Lomi Massage, also known as Hawaiian Massage, is an ancient form of massage practiced by traditional healers. Lomi lomi is touching in the spirit of Aloha (respect, care) that connects body, heart and soul to the source of life. It’s a powerful, enveloping and therapeutic massage. The practitioner works in particular with his Hands, Elbows and Fists. Like the waves that lap this marvellous island, Lomi-Lomi is a Voyage of the Senses.

Foot Reflexology

Perfect Accupressure!


Chakra Reflexology or Reflexo Treatment: A therapy dating back over 5000 years, Foot Reflexology improves the circulation of Vital Energy in the body, thus preventing the onset of pathologies. It promotes the self-healing process of Body and Mind. It’s a moment of relaxation and harmonization you can’t afford to miss! Composed of a relaxing foot massage and pressure on specific areas of the feet. Perfect prevention.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Purity of Body and Mind


Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle, painless massage technique designed specifically to treat lymphatic disorders. It cleanses and regenerates the body. It is useful for treating problems related to blood and lymph circulation, such as varicose veins, cellulite and venous insufficiency… This precise and subtle technique allows maximum drainage of toxins from the body. It also relaxes the mind and relieves muscular tension.

Face Massage

Therapeutic and relaxing! A Delight.


Relaxing and soothing massage. Specific for releasing accumulated tension in the shoulder girdle and head area. Sometimes deep and therapeutic, sometimes subtle and delicate, the Face, Head, Trapezius and Neck massage is the king of massages! An explosion of sensations and well-being! The perfect massage to clear your head! Comforting and soothing, this massage also releases tension accumulated in the upper back. Ideal for getting your mind right.

Kansu Bowl Massage

Relaxing Energy!


Chinese reflexology considers the sole of the foot as a map of all the organs. By applying certain pressures or stretches, it can improve certain chronic conditions. Kansu bowl massage can thus be considered an Indian version of Chinese reflexology. The small bowl is made from an alloy of 5 metals: gold, zinc, copper, bronze, silver and tin. Perfect for combating insomnia and stress. It promotes the circulation of vital energy in the body.

Hot Stone Massage

Volcanic therapy!


Although the virtues of hot stones have been exploited by many civilizations throughout history, the technique of hot-stone massage was first developed by Native Americans. Discover this ancestral technique using basalt pebbles. Improves circulation, soothes the nervous system, detoxifies… A unique moment to connect with the power of the earth. Deep relaxation for aching muscles, total well-being.