How does video training work?2020-07-11T08:02:14-04:00

We now offer most of our training courses in VIDEO format.
This is true private training.
Just You and Us (and the massaged volunteer).
A perfect One:One
Each course includes:
Video commentary of the Practice
Commented video of the Theory
Theory documents
Detailed massage data sheets
Training certificate
All these videos and documents are yours forever. Watch them again and again.
Video training is the best way tolearn at your own pace. A must!

Art-Massage training rates2015-12-08T19:48:20-05:00

Fee for 1-day training (6 hours): $150

1-day training (4 hours): $125

The fee for the 450-hour Masso @-End of Week course is $3800.

The cost of the 700-hour Masso Suédois training course is $4800.

No tax is applicable on professional training. Prices are all-inclusive.

Masso payment options @-End of week 450h2014-11-03T21:16:06-05:00

Here are the options available to students wishing to take the Massothérapie Masso @-Fin de semaine program (450h): TOTAL: $3800

There are 3 different payment options:

Option 1:
3800 1st day of course

Option 2:
1265 1st day of class
1265 for the 1st course of the 3rd month of training
1270 for the 1st course of the 5th month of training

Option 3:
280 1st day of class (End of Week 1)
280 Weekend 2
280 Weekend 3
280 Weekend 4
280 Weekend 5
280 Weekend 6
280 Weekend 7
280 Weekend 8
280 Weekend 9
280 Weekend 10
280 Weekend 11
280 Weekend 12
280 Weekend 13
160 Last day of class


Payment options Masso Suédois 700h2014-11-03T21:11:28-05:00

Here are the options available to students wishing to take the Swedish Massage Therapy Course (700h): TOTAL: $4800

There are 3 different payment options:

Option 1:
4800 1st day of course

Option 2:
1600 for the 1st day of class
1600$ for the 1st course of the 3rd month of training
1600$ for the 1st course of the 5th month of training

Option 3:
800 1st day of class
800 for the 1st class of the 2nd month of classes
800 1st class of the 3rd month of classes
800 1st class of 4th month of classes
800 1st class of the 5th month of classes
800 1st class of 6th month of classes


Electronic or paper books?2014-08-24T21:45:54-04:00

It’s up to you!
All course notes and documents are provided to students in electronic format (.pdf). You can choose to study on your tablet (Apple and Android), computer (Mac and PC) or even on paper by printing documents at home. The choice is yours!

A typical day!2014-08-09T21:36:06-04:00

Here’s how a typical day’s training works (valid for the 700h Formation Massothérapie Suédois and 450h Fins de Semaine long-duration training courses):

08:30 Welcome
08:45 Warm-up
09:00 Meditation and/or Yoga
10:00 a.m. Break
10h15 Theoretical courses: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Legislation, Massage techniques, Management and business development…
12:30 Lunch
1:30 pm Practical classes: Californian and Swedish massage, foot reflexology…
5:30 p.m. end of classes

When do the courses take place?2014-08-09T21:28:46-04:00

Swedish Massotherapy Training
Courses take place: Every Monday and Tuesday (except holidays and vacations) from 08:30 to 17:30 – Next session: May 2019

Weekend Massotherapy Training
Courses take place: 13 Weekends + 1 day (spread between February 2019 and December 2019) from 09h to 18h – Next session: February 2019

Training Workshops 6-hour day: 10am – 5pm

Training Workshops 4-hour day: 1pm – 5pm

What are the prerequisites for enrolling at Art-Massage massage therapy school?2012-09-13T13:36:20-04:00

The only prerequisites for enrolling at the Art-Massage School of Massage Therapy are..: Motivation, seriousness and the desire to become a Massage Therapist. Art-Massage requires no specific minimum academic level.

How can you reach us?2012-09-13T13:08:01-04:00

École de Massothérapie and Centre de Ressourcement
Auberge Lucerne sur le Lac
2469 chemin Pierre-Peladeau
J8B 1Z7
Art-Massage occupies the first floor of the new building opposite the church, between the Caisse Desjardins and the Bistro Café!
Plenty of parking available around the Art-massage premises

Tel: 450-340-0939
E-mail: info@art-massage.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/france.artmassage
Twitter: @artmassage

What massages are included in the Regular training?2012-09-13T12:14:47-04:00

The regular 700-hour training course includes Californian, Swedish, Pregnant Woman and Children’s massages, as well as an introduction to foot reflexology. A total of 5 complete massages for this training.

Can I work straight after the course?2012-09-11T20:39:44-04:00

Yes. Art-massage training courses are designed so that new graduates can practice the day after graduation. Once they have obtained their diploma, they simply need to be accredited by one of Art-Massage’s partner associations: RITMA, RMQ, AQTM…
Art-Massage’s goal is to train students to become skilled, passionate, quality massage therapists. Recognized and sought-after professionals.

Is the Massothérapie Art-Massage school and its training courses accredited by an association?2012-09-11T20:16:30-04:00

Art-Massage is accredited by several Massotherapy Associations.
Masso 1000h training is accredited by RITMA (Regroupement des intervenants et Thérapeutes en Médecine Alternative) as well as the RMQ and AQTM.
This recognition and accreditation allows students who have obtained their diploma as a Massage Therapist (Masso 1000h) to issue Insurance Receipts for their clientele. These receipts are accepted by all insurance companies.

All introductory and advanced Art-massage courses are recognized by RITMA, AQTM and RMQ, and count towards your total training hours.

Is the École de Massothérapie Art-Massage recognized by the Quebec government?2012-09-11T20:12:13-04:00

Yes. Art-Massage is a professional training program. They are therefore recognized by the Quebec and Canadian Ministries of Revenue. This recognition enables Art-Massage students to benefit from the tuition tax credit.

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