Ayurveda The Trio (Copie)


Video Courses The Trio Ayurveda

Training open to all.

This Magical Ayurveda Trio consists of the following formations:

-Indian Cranial Massage
The fruit of a long Indian tradition, this is a Massage of the Head (Skull, Scalp and Hair), Neck, Trapezius and Shoulders. This is the Secret of Ayurveda.
-Abhyanga Massage
This is the complete Body Massage in Ayurveda. Abhyanga massage is first and foremost a rebalancing treatment, offering general well-being for both body and mind.
-Shirodhara Massage
Introducing the Jewel of AyurvedaThis is a facial massage during which a stream of hot oil flows over the 3rd Eye for 21 minutes. Pure delight.


These courses require 5 GB of free space on your device.
Videos can be played on computers (Mac and PC) as well as on phones and tablets (Apple iOs and Android).
Document formats supplied: .pdf


Courses The Trio Ayurveda

Included in Training courses:

  • Courses Certificates
  • Theory Massage Videos
  • Practice Massages videos
  • Detailed technical data sheets on massage techniques
  • Theoretical course documents
  • Training recognized by certain massage therapy associations

Each of the 3 video training sessions is broken down as follows:
Example: Abhyanga massage

  • Step: 1 = Watch the Video entitled: Abhyanga Video Theory (23min)
  • Step: 2 = Practice by watching the Video entitled: Abhyanga Video Practice (1h15min)
  • Step: 3 = Look at the Massage Practice Sheets entitled: Abhyanga Practice Sheets
  • Step: 4 = Practice your Massage at least 3 more times and your Training will be complete!
  • Step: 5 = Treat your loved ones and customers!

Training materials:

-Pen and Notes
-Comfortable massage clothing
-Anti-bacterial gel
-Smiles and good moods
-1 Massage table and/or chair (depending on training)
-1 Volunteer :-)
-1 Cushion (medium to small) + Sheets…
-1 Sesame Oil (preferable) or Massage Oil
-Essential oil if no allergy

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