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A smile comes from the feet

This Triple Foot Reflexology Course offers a discovery of Foot Reflexology through 3 Courses: Anti Stress Reflexology, Special Detoxification Reflexology and Immuno Boost Reflexology.

Each course contains a specific protocol for the associated disorder. Using these (Order, Distribution, Duration of specific reflex zones), these courses will provide you (and your clients or friends) with complete guides to action when Stress arrives, the need for Detoxification arises or simply to boost your immune system.
Podo-reflexology massage aims to restore the body’s normal energy circulation.

Reflexology is also a wonderful technique for well-being and relaxation. As the Chinese proverb says: « The smile comes from the feet« .

These courses are designed for everyone. They provide a step-by-step introduction to massage.

Each course includes:

The Theoretical Course in Video and PDF format, which you can download and print if you wish.

The Practical Course is in Video version. It is commented movement by movement by Shanti.

Pause, Rewind, View as many times as you like. That’s the power of online training.

What’s more, to help you, in the Documents section you’ll find the Massage Technique Sheets, which include diagrams of each massage movement – the detailed version of the Massage. These technical sheets are in PDF format and can (and should) be printed out. This will provide you with reference points while you massage.

A Question & Answer module is available. You can write to us at any time with your questions, and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Materials required for training

-Pen and notes
-Comfortable massage clothing
-Anti-bacterial gel
-A smile and a good mood
-1 Massage Table with Sheets and Towels
-1 Volunteer ?

-1 Reflexology stick (not essential)
-1 Cushion (medium to small)
-1 Sesame Oil (preferable) or Massage Oil
-Essential oil if no allergies

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